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Greater Boise EMF/RF-EMR Specialist

EMF = Electromagnetic Fields

RF-EMR = pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation

A message from, Cathy Cooke | cathy@wholehomeandbodyhealth.com), a Certified Expert in both Holistic Nutrition and Building Biology. She is the founder of Whole Home and Body Health (970-485-5092):

In 2021, we are facing unprecedented exposures to unnatural pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) from cell towers and wireless devices — which can cause a host of health issues.

Learn more at Cathy’s web site: https://wholehomeandbodyhealth.com/

Whole Home and Body Health makes home visits to complete EMF/RF-EMR home assessments. Learn more and schedule an appointment here.

To learn more about EMF/RF-EMR exposures . . .

  1. View our videos on YouTube and our
  2. Partake in our webinars at Shield Your Body.
  3. Downloading our free guide ‘The Top 10 Ways To Reduce Your EMF Exposure’
  4. Learn more about our Ultimate Healthy Home Makeover.
  5. Check out the extensive information at ElectricSense.com., Scientists for Wired Tech nology and Physicians for Safe Technology

Cathy Uses Professional Meters:

  • GigaHertz Solutions HF-58B and NFA-1000
  • Safe & Sound Pro II
  • See typical RF-EMR data logging set up, below.

Cathy Cooke
EMF/RF-EMR Measurement & Mitigation Specialist

EMF/RF-EMR Home Assessment – Cathy comes to one’s home and evaluates potential EMF/RF-EMR hazards wherever you work, play eat, heal or sleep. Using professional meters and techniques Cathy measures and documents the strengths of magnetic, electric and RF-EMR fields as well as the dirty electricity (conducted emissions) levels in one’s home. We help you to understand what causes such EMF/RF-EMR hazards, and what can be done to avoid or reduce them.

EMF/RF-EMR Land Assessment – If you’re planning the construction of a new home, you’ll want to choose the right parcel of land. We evaluate and document field strength of magnetic, electric and RF fields and help you compare two or more parcels from an EMF perspective to help you make the best choice for lower EMF exposure.

EMF new construction planning and review – there are many things you can do in the planning and construction phases to cost-effectively lower EMF exposure. Let us help you build EMF protection into your new home. We consult with your design and construction teams during planning and construction.