Dalton Gardens

Residents and friends of Dalton Gardens, ID . . . thank you for your help . . . to improve the New Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance for Dalton Gardens


View This Video of the Jan 25, 2021 Dalton Gardens Planning & Zoning Meeting

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Jan 25, 2021 Zoom Chat Messages

Paul G 18:30: Is anyone else in chat?

Paul G @ 19:59: I would like confirmation from Rand Wichman or Valerie Anderson that I can be promoted to presenter for the last ten minutes of the slide presentation

Paul G @ 21:31: I made point of order question in chat and by voice.

Kathy N @ 01:10:54: Paul. Where can I get a list of the 5G symptoms that was on the display?

**Paul G @ 01:14:38 Also https://scientists4wiredtech.com/what-are-4g-5g/electromagnetic-sensitivity/

Paul G @ 01:14:44: The symptoms are from pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) of any G https://scientists4wiredtech.com/science

Paul G @ 01:14:50: Any other questions from those in Zoom?

Paul G @ 01:16:53: Download from https://mystreetmychoice.com/

Kathy Nash @ 01:26:20: Kathy Nash is opposed to 5G in Daulton Gardens and any residental areas in North Idaho. Does not wish to speak.

Bryan Brodowski @ 01:27:09: Bryan and Tania Brodowski, 6176 Colfax St, Dalton Gardens, Do not wish to speak, Opposed to cell towers in residential areas. We support the presentation by the citizens of Dalton Gardens.

I am in full support of Dalton Gardens residents proposal opposing the istallation of cell towers in residential areas

Dick Flugel 01:30:38: 7303 N 4th Street, Dalton Gardens

Dick Flugel 01:31:20: We both opposed to the installation of cell towers in residential areas

Lindsay Tuttle 01:32:23: My name is Lindsay Tuttle and I do not wish to speak. I support the dalton garden residents proposal

Paul G @ 01:35:39: You allfrom Zoom could speak for 15 seconds to register your support.

Jamie Smith 01:37:10: Andy and Jamie Smith 6871 N. Mt Carrol St strongly support the citizens proposal.

Ingri 01:49:34: Ingri Cassel, 2045 Bounty Loop in Hayden would like to speak for the record. But due to time, I just want to be clear that I support the revised ordinance presented by the residents and Wire idaho

Paul G @ 02:14:32 We can do that for you.

Paul G @ 02:14:51: We will give it to you in preferred format.

Paul G @ 02:23:25: Residents will give a clean ordinance to staff.

Paul G @ 02:23:49: Residents Ordinance follows the law.

Paul G @ 02:24:23: You can pass ZONING laws

Paul G @ 02:24:45: Commercial zones allowed. No othes.

Paul G @ 02:24:57: Commercial zones allowed. No others.

Paul G @ 02:25:31: Dalton Gardens HAS local control.

Paul G @ 02:29:35: They already work. All Carriers have a right to serve all parts of town with telecommunications service. Our ordinance does that.

Paul G @ 02:30:16: WE-WANT-IT proves sufficient coverage.

Paul G @ 02:31:30: The simple answer is the Residents’ Ordinance.

Paul G @ 02:32:27: You are 2.4 Square miles — there is NO CHANCE that Macro tower would be insufficient.

Paul G @ 02:32:43: You are 2.4 Square miles — there is NO CHANCE that one Macro tower would be insufficient.

Paul G @ 02:33:23: You don’t have to have service in both your backyard and front yard.

Paul G @ 02:33:42: Emergency services are handled by landline telephones.

Paul G @ 02:35:48: There is low hanging fruit.

Paul G @ 02:36:27: You cannot write your ordinance guessing about the future. You can only consider the present.

Our city is drafting a telecommunications ordinance that proposes to allow wireless telecommunications facilities (WTFs) in our residential district, next to our homes, in our parks, along our streets, on the roofs of our houses, and near our schools.  The proposed ordinance does not require notifying nearby property owners or allowing us to appeal any decision to locate wireless antennas.  Imagine coming home from work and finding a WTF and its auxiliary box the size of a refrigerator in front of your house.  Now imagine that you cannot even appeal the installation.

Since the proposed telecommunications ordinance was published in January, we have been discussing the impacts of this ordinance and have been looking for another way to balance the convenience and benefits of personal WTFs and the rights of the Dalton Gardens community.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will be holding a hearing on this ordinance at 6:00 p.m., February 25, 2021 in person or by zoom, and we need your help.

  • We need you to enter the conversation. 
  • We need you to read the proposed ordinance with our additions. 
  • We need you to read the research about WTFs
  • We need your input so we can work with the City of Dalton Gardens to co-develop a balanced, reasonable, practical telecommunications ordinance. 
  • We need you to show up on Feb 25th at the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.