1. Proven Harm to Human Health Including 4500 different Neurological problems, Cancer, Sleep Disruptions, Heart Problems, Infertility, DNA Damage (
  2. Current General Liability Insurance has RF-EMR Pollution Exclusion (
  3. 20% or More Decrease in Property Values
  4. Privacy and Security Violations in Neighborhoods (
  1. Threatens Natural Habitats, Ecology, Agriculture
    Pulse-modulated microwave radiation harms people, animals, plants, and insects, Including Pollinators (
  2. Up To 25 Million Times More Power Than Needed
    1/10 of a watt (.002 radiation units) is all that’s needed for 5 bars on cell phone, but radiation into homes can exceed 50,000 units. This waste of resources goes against Sustainability and Public Safety. (
  3. Most Permit Applications Are Missing NEPA Reviews. (United Keetoowah v. FCC; 8-9-19)
    There are ZERO studies proving 5G is safe, and federally-required Environmental Protection Reviews are missing on practically all permits! (
  4. Wireless Industry Tells Cities “Your Hands Are Tied!”
    Actually… Cities can regulate the operations of WTFs, including maximum Effective Radiated Power output (noise)and hours of operations (