Wired Idaho = Enlightened Neighbors

We are a group of enlightened Idaho residents who educated themselves and identified national experts to help us advocate for a critically important infrastructure decision that will help preserve our freedom, health and prosperity for generations to come: BIG DATA via Fiber Optic & only calls/texts via wireless, which preserves the quiet enjoyment of streets and provides sufficient telecommunications service.

We cannot and should not accept the ridiculous Wireless Industry agenda of constructing so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) in the public rights-of-way in front of our homes schools and parks because it is completely unnecessary . . . allow us to introduce you to WiFi calling.

Allowing sWTFs to be constructed in residential zones is a clear disaster because the electromagnetic power through-the-air transmitted into your homes from sWTFs can be 25 million times higher than needed for 5-bars telecommunications service (for wireless calls & texts).