EMF and RF/EMR Hazards

What is a Magnetic Field?

Alternating Current Magnetic Fields (AC/MF) can occur whenever electricity is being used. The more current flowing on electric wires, the greater the potential for dangerous magnetic fields (usually caused by wiring errors in your home electrical system). Common wiring errors often result in high magnetic fields, which can impact large areas of one’s home . . .

Once a home is wired correctly (all errors corrected, per the National Electrical Code), magnetic fields from your home wiring will be minimized.

However, even with corrected wiring, certain types of appliances still create strong magnetic fields. Overhead power lines, large appliances, transformers, your home’s main electrical panel are all commons sources or AC/MF. In addition, switched mode power supplies, so-called “Smart” meters and even certain types of dirty electricity filters can create both dangerous levels of magnetic fields and conducted emissions — electrical waste radiation that can transmit from one’s home wiring into one’s living space.

What is an Electric Field?

Alternating Current Electric Fields (AC/EF) emanate from power lines, wiring, power cables, power strips, extension cords and electrical devices. Homes typically have unshielded wiring in the walls, ceiling, and under the floor — surrounding occupants with continuously oscillating fields of electrical energy. Unlike MF, EF is at full strength even when electricity is not being used (no current flowing).

Unplugging seldom-used electrical devices when not in use is a simple way to reduce electric fields. Flipping off branch circuits at night (with appropriate equipment) may allow you to reduce electric fields in sleeping areas at night. Eliminating extension cords, or replacing with shielded cords will also help reduce AC/EF.

What is RF-EMR: pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation?

RF-EMR is often used to cook food, but does so in a way that destroys the nutritional qualities of ones’ food. It is far better to cook or heat food more slowly on one’s stove or in one’s toaster oven.

RF-EMR is also used for transmitting wireless electromagnetic power through-the-air, to inefficiently transmit data from Point A to Point B. Moving the same data the same distance via Fiber Optic, Coaxial, or Ethernet cables is thousands of times more energy efficient.

Beware of many modern, so-called ‘smart’ devices like smart phones, smart meters, smart watches and smart home gadgets. Wi-Fi routers/access points, wireless Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, cordless phones, cell phones, security cameras, auto key fobs, and many hearing aids emit RF-EMR.

As with all other types of radiation, proximity is a key factor. The closer the source of radiation, the higher the exposure. Choose carefully what radiation emitting devices, if any, you allow in your home. Consider shielding for sources outside your home.

Duration is a key factor as well. Turning off a Wi-Fi router at night reduces exposure vs. leaving the router on continuously. Even better is to connect to your router by a wired connection — and powering off all antennas — which completely eliminates the RF-EMR from the router.

What is dirty electricity?

Dirty Electricity (DE) is electricity contaminated by high-frequency voltage transients or conducted emissions. These transients are most often caused by switched mode power supplies which are commonly found in so-called “Smart Meters, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, electronic device power supplies (wall warts), battery chargers, and variable speed motors.

DE propagates through all wiring in your home. It can even contaminate your neighbors’ electrical lines and vice-versa. Reducing DE can be accomplished by replacing, removing, or limiting the use of offending devices. In some cases special DE filters installed at the electric panel may be helpful.