Wire Idaho – The Best Solution for Idaho

A group of enlightened residents have educated themselves on the topic of wireless radiation and have identified experts that are helping us advocate for an extremely important infrastructure decision that will help preserve our freedom, health and prosperity for generations to come: BIG DATA via Fiber Optic & only calls/texts via wireless.

We cannot accept the outrageous wireless industry strategy that is attempting to place so-called 5G “small cells” (Wireless Telecommunications Facilities or “sWTFs”) in the public rights-of-way directly in front of our homes, schools and parks. If we allow this to happen it will be a disaster because the electromagnetic radiation being transmitted through-the-air will pour into our homes, schools, workplaces, etc. This radiation can be 25 million times higher than needed for a 5-bar telecommunication service (wireless calls & texts).

Planning Commissioner

  1. Mike Becker, Chair (no vote?)
  2. Ron Sanpert
  3. Tyler Dreschel
  4. Kaitlin O’Brien